Advanced Analytics


Artificial intelligence

Kumulus AI consulting services help you leverage artificial intelligence to drive the intelligent reinvention of your workflows and technology. Kumulus helps you to implement a data strategy, take advantage of your data, grow with external sources and integrate other advanced technologies to gain tangible business insights more quickly.


Machine Learning

Kumulus offers services of data modeling and development of algorithms to run predictive models that seek details of existing data to detect fraud, forecast demands, target ads, among other needs of companies of different sizes and segments. We are specialized in transforming applications and devices into smarter solutions.


Cognitive Services

As one of the leading Data & Analytics partners for Microsoft and AWS, we use cognitive cloud services to power applications, websites and bots with algorithms for them to see, hear, speak, understand and interpret user needs through natural methods of Communication.


Internet of Things (IoT)

We use the power of the cloud to accelerate your digital transformation by gaining insights directly from your connected devices. From manufacturing to transportation, through retail and service companies, we can drive new revenue and business opportunities with IoT solutions designed for your organization’s needs.