Big Data & Modern Data Warehouses

We are transforming the relationship between business and data with a collaborative, real-time and immersive experience.

With several Big Data solutions available, choosing the best one for your needs is a challenge. The Big Data services of Kumulus users as companies to demystify this process. Our data architects, engineers and consultants can use Big Data and create a reliable and scalable solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing data infrastructure. From strategy definition to deployment, monitoring and sustaining your data infrastructure, we help you assess your needs, design your architecture and create, deploy and manage your solution, recover what you enjoy from the best data and events relevant and competitive in the market.

As activities that start and conclude Big Data projects see practical results and significant value, especially those that understand the importance of data engineering for those who Analytics projects can occur satisfactorily. Those who are on the margins of traditional data analysis models, or until they are not thinking about it, unfortunately, are left behind.

  • Planning

    In the planning phase, we work closely with our customers to understand the objectives and desired results. Based on this assessment, we work on mapping existing data sources and potential use cases, in addition to assessing the technologies needed to support the project’s objectives. From there, it is possible to define the solution architecture and create a detailed deployment plan, thus advancing to the implementation phase.

  • Implementation

    With the data sources and the transformation needs mapped, it is possible to implement the architecture defined in the planning phase. Such structures may involve the creation of pipelines for ingesting structured, semi-structured or unstructured near-real time data with and without transformation and traditional ETL loads, which will be stored in robust Data Lake structures or modern Data Warehouses. Our work includes, in addition to the implementation and configuration of Big Data technology components, the development of data models, data processing and management of the entire pipeline, in addition to data integration, checks, tests and visuals based on the models presented.

  • Support

    Our support team is led by Big Data engineers with expertise in managing robust and mission-critical environments. We operate on a 24×7 scale in monitoring and reactive and proactive performance, working on the optimization of Big Data systems, continuous improvement in loading processes and data ingestion with a focus on management, performance and security. Our team also acts as trusted advisors for new Analytics and Data Science projects, supporting developers to consume data efficiently, implementing new features, adding new data sources and taking care of all data engineering so your company can focus on the insights that the data will bring them.

The Kumulus way of acting has already impacted dozens of organizations to obtain surprising results.

We are Cloud experts. Therefore, we use the power of the cloud to bring Big Data projects to life quickly, ensuring the agility that today’s organizations need, in addition to enabling the use of advanced technologies for data ingestion, processing and analysis in a scalable manner, generating a significant cost reduction, mainly in the design and maturation phase of the use of such technologies by companies.

Proofs of Concept

Working with the proof of concept (POC) execution model, we operate in a structured way to validate possible use cases. This model allows you to design prototypes and pilots before you need to make significant investments in projects that are aligned with your organization’s objective.


We are specialists in the main cloud-based data platforms, both on AWS and Microsoft Azure, which allows the use of a variety of Big Data technologies. The definition of architecture and stack of technology will be based on the needs of your business, enabling the delivery of results in a fast and scalable way, creating a model 100% adaptable to the size of your organization.

We are Agile

We use agile methodologies from the beginning to the end of our data projects, which guarantees the speed that your business needs. Through the use of well-defined sprints , we give life to data products in an objective way, allowing your entire organization to see the results achieved clearly.

Impact Analysis and Visuals

With powerful visuals, we use Power BI as the main tool for creating and providing dashboards , generating life to your data. With the use of Python and integrated R, it is possible to work with more advanced algorithms directly in Power BI, adding more valuable information to your traditional visuals.

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