Business Intelligence

Transform the data your company already has into intelligence for your business.

We respond to all current business challenges with innovation to transform your core business, scale new opportunities and balance these two aspects to ensure an intelligent vision future.

Our team of consultants apply innovation to unleash what your organization has most valuable: your data. We help you to adopt new vision models, generating competitive advantages for your company.

We operate 100% based on the business needs of our customers. Our BI services cover everything from the necessary hardware consulting for projects, suggestion of the stack of technology to be used – on-premises on cloud -, modeling and conception of Data Marts and Data Warehouse, development of ETL processes and data cleaning, delivery of OLAP / ROLAP systems, process optimization and performance improvement, in addition to delivering powerful visuals using Microsoft Power BI.

Performance indicators (KPIs)

Through the definition of KPIs, we work with the indicators that really make sense for your business.

Data Marts and Data Warehouses

We operate in the modeling and design of Data Marts and Data Warehouses using the main data platforms on-premises and in the cloud.

ETL process development

We operate in the development of extraction, transformation, data loading and house keeping / data cleaning processes.

Dashboard development

Transform data into powerful visualizations using Microsoft Power BI and receive insights in the way that makes the most sense for your organization.

Go faster with our performance improvement offerings for DW environments and get ahead.

We know that one of the main problems for companies that have a DW environment is the performance of ETL processes and the execution of more “heavy” reports. Kumulus has helped companies of all sizes to accelerate their Data Marts and Data Warehouses, applying our own methodology, focusing on the tuning of BI workloads.

Performance Tuning for Data Marts and Data Warehouses
Improvement of ETL / ELT processes
Dashboards and Views

Your data may be the story, but your visuals are what tell it

We are experts in Power BI and, therefore, we have the ability to bring to life extremely powerful visions that tell fantastic stories about the performance of your organization.


Dashboard development

Native reports for your app

PowerBI Reporting Services

Want to learn more about Power BI and release your data in a powerful way?

Now schedule a Workshop for your company and learn from experienced engineers new possibilities for creating dashboards.

Official Power BI training: Dashboard in a Day (DIAD)

Dashboard in a Day (DIAD) is a practical 1-day workshop for business analysts, covering the breadth of Power BI resources. At the end of the day, participants will better understand how to define business rules and KPIs, connect, import, transform data from a variety of sources, explore your data with powerful visualization tools, create impressive reports, and share your dashboards with your team and with world.

Develop beautiful reports with Power BI Desktop, freely and with modern data visualizations.

Learn how to publish reports directly to the Power BI Report Server and how to manage access to them.

Share reports for your users to consume on the web and across multiple mobile devices.