Cloud Journey

Wherever you are on your journey, we are here to guide you.

The cloud has the power to enable organizations to become faster, more innovative and more competitive.

Unfortunately, many companies have not yet realized the power of cloud computing. For others, however, it is very clear that a technology-focused strategy is the best business strategy. The cloud is part of a larger strategy. It is the facilitator of strategies, the driver of digital transformation, in addition to bringing benefits such as cost reduction and allowing companies to enter new markets.

Kumulus specializes in taking workloads on-premises for the cloud, using all the expertise acquired during years of experience of our Cloud engineers in the largest players of technology in the world.

Thanks to our close partnership with Microsoft and AWS, we have supported companies to use services and technology, which previously were only available to large organizations, to leverage their growth and increase their relevance in the market.

Join dozens of customers who are migrating to the cloud using our proven methodology for a migration with guaranteed performance, security, availability, and with costs adhering to your company’s needs.


The planning phase is one of the most important within the journey to the cloud and aims to support your company to define its own strategy for adopting Cloud services. With the use of assessment in workload, developed by Kumulus, we extracted insights which will be adapted to your sector of activity, creating the opportunity to build a migration plan that guarantees the best results for your business.


Based on a roadmap clear how the transition from your on-premises scenario to the cloud should be, the delivery from Kumulus is responsible for migrating and modernizing legacy applications and systems, supporting the development of cloud-native applications and transforming its traditional infrastructure into a model that guarantees the agility that your business needs. All the work carried out by the Kumulus team during the migration phase is performed in conjunction with the application teams of our customers, creating the ideal synergy in search of a greater objective.


Kumulus operates with a 100% managed cloud service offering model, that is, all of our Cloud-focused solutions guarantee total management of the infrastructure your company needs, including OS, database, networking and security, storage and application infrastructure. In addition, all of our contracts have the highest level of support from Microsoft and AWS, ensuring efficient and secure management for your company.


As soon as your company moves to the cloud, we will ensure that you maximize the value of your investments through our constant optimization work focused on performance and costs. This process is based on assessing consumption in real time and analyzing opportunities for optimizing resources or changing services. In addition, through our DevOps practices and specialization in Application Performance , we seek process optimization, automation and tuning to support companies to become more efficient in the cloud.

The question is not whether you should migrate to the cloud, but when and how you will migrate.

We apply our extensive experience to help you evaluate your scenario, strategy and roadmap needed to take your workloads to the main players of the world’s Public Cloud, making your journey a fast and smooth experience.

Microsoft Azure

With a Data Center in 54 regions around the world, Microsoft serves 95% of Fortune 500 companies with its cloud solutions. Our certified Microsoft Azure specialists guarantee an assertive migration, in addition to working in hybrid scenarios involving Microsoft workloads .

Amazon Web Services

A pioneer in cloud services, AWS has more than 50% of the global Market Share in Public Cloud and serves companies of various sizes and segments. Kumulus works in partnership with Amazon on the managed services fronts, Microsoft and Linuxworkloads, DevOps e Big Data & Analytics.

Why go to the cloud?

The benefits can be greater than you think

Organizations around the world are failing to make investments in their own infrastructure and are moving their data and applications to Cloud Computing platforms and services. The benefits of exchanging CAPEX for OPEX go far beyond the financial savings your company may have. If the strategy used in your journey to the cloud is orchestrated with a business partner, who in fact can translate your company’s need into an architecture that is aligned with your growth model, these benefits can be transferred to several other aspects, ensuring greater security, resilience and productivity for your business.

Save before, during and after migration

Use our free cost assessment and management tools as you move to the cloud. Ensure reduced costs when using cloud services by using our methodologies and optimization processes and assessment of workloads .

Migration flexibility and expert support

Through the use of our tools and processes, we offer a migration path to the flexible cloud that ensures consistency between your on-premises environment and the chosen Cloud Provider . By adopting different strategies, based on your real need, we will understand whether your business requires a long-term hybrid state or just during the migration period, in addition to offering support at all stages of your journey.

Performance, security and availability

Through our free offers for workloads , in addition to defining the best method for migrating and optimizing your environment in the cloud, we design the ideal architecture, based on your business metrics, ensuring performance, security and the availability that your applications need.

Migrate and modernize with the right cloud migration strategy

Use a variety of cloud modernization and migration strategies to meet your business needs, from rehosting your application with minimal code changes to creating new native cloud applications.Find out now the ideal strategy for your company.

Meet Some Success Cases

What do companies of totally different sizes and segments have in common? A partner who understands your business needs and who ensures that your workloads will have the performance, security and availability that they so need. Meet some cases, of the select number of Kumulus clients, who chose to work with one of the main Cloud Service Providers in Latin America.

E-Fácil Plus

See how one of the largest digital airline ticket consolidation platforms in Brazil brought its entire infrastructure to Microsoft Azure and increased the level of quality of its service with managed services from Cloud, DevOps and Application Performance by Kumulus.

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Inside History

One of the most promising startups in Brazil trusts Kumulus to manage their entire Cloud infrastructure on AWS. Find out how Inside History responded to your main challenges with our managed cloud services and DevOps.

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