Database services

Have the best database administrators on the market working for your company.

Kumulus has a philosophy of offering services that exceed all of our customers’ expectations, so that they can be concerned with the most important thing: their business. Our specialized database area is able to bring your projects to life. We know how to orchestrate a database area and we know deeply the main relational and non-relational platforms (NoSQL). We have a highly qualified team to work on projects of any complexity and size.

Get support for the main database platforms in the market, directly from former Microsoft and Oracle engineers and ensure the management of your environment in a flexible, scalable and secure way.

Remote DBA

Kumulus’ remote DBA services are focused on companies of all sizes looking to reduce costs with managing database environments. This highly specialized team is responsible for all maintenance activities and administration of database environments, including monitoring, on a 24 x 7 scale, resolution of incidents and problems and proactive management of the environment.


Kumulus’ consulting area is made up of experienced architects and consultants and focuses exclusively on the development and planning of database projects, including the deployment and migration of Relational and NoSQL database platforms, Capacity Planning < / em>, implementation of high availability (HA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions. In addition, this team works in the execution of on-demand activities for companies that do not have our Remote DBA service contracted.

24x7 Monitoring and Support

Our 24×7 Monitoring and Support offerings are focused on companies that do not have a high demand for database management activities or companies that already have a DBA team, but want support coverage with a 24×7 operations team. It is possible to monitor your database environments with cutting-edge tools and maintain an operations team taking care of your environment with excellent cost vs benefit.


Our training focused on data is delivered by highly qualified engineers who have field experience working in the largest companies in the world. We fully trust in the impact that our training can bring to your company, because they were developed by our team of learning solutions, which lived together in critical environments where knowledge was more than necessary.
Nossas Ofertas

Differentiated services focused on performance, security and availability

Although they are not necessarily the cause of such problems, databases have a direct impact on the performance of systems and applications and, therefore, deserve special attention. Kumulus has the experience necessary to ensure the best performance of its databases, taking care of its operation with a focus on continuous improvement of operations and configuration adjustments necessary for its applications to deliver the best possible experience to its users.

Performance Baseline

Performance Baseline is an offer formatted with the objective of mapping the use of resources and operations of your database servers. Through in-depth analysis of various performance metrics, it is possible to find evidence of specific problems in your database environment, as well as to help prevent future incidents caused by unavailability of physical or logical resources.

Database Health Check

Database Health Check is a differentiated service, which consists of assessing the health of database environments. You will receive detailed recommendations, by priority, of architecture, configuration and database operations based on your current state of health compared to the best practices recommended by manufacturers, with the aim of improving the efficiency of your environment and DBA team.

Performance-guaranteed migration

The migration offer with performance guarantee was developed with a focus on migrations from SQL Server, Oracle and MySQL environments. During the delivery of this offer, we will make an analysis of your current environment and, we will evaluate the best migration strategy for your company, taking into account the specific variables of your environment. After migration, we do tuning of configurations and main operations, based on previous analyzes, to ensure superior performance in your updated environment.

Why choose Kumulus as your data-focused service partner?

Our experience of accumulated years managing thousands of applications and databases in different operating environments, of companies of all sizes and sectors, makes us the best data partner, in Latin America, to guarantee differentiated services. We design, implement and manage some of the most complex and valuable database environments in Brazil.

Accumulated Experience

With a team of ex-engineers from Oracle and Microsoft, in addition to having architects and consultants who have worked for the largest companies in the world, Kumulus has more than 150 years of accumulated experience managing mission critical database environments from companies in various segments .

Flexible contracts

The flexibility of our contracts allows your company to have exactly what it needs in terms of scope and deadline.

Secure delivery structure

Our structure ensures that you have the support you need from start to finish. Your company will have dedicated account and support managers to ensure the best experience possible.

On-Site or Remote Assistance

With a team of remote or local DBAs, your company has the flexibility to choose the best performance model of our team. Whether for project execution or allocation of engineers on-site, up to 100% remote performance, Kumulus has the ideal model for your business.

Dedicated DBA teams

Designed for companies with greater demand for operational support, Kumulus offers dedicated engineers, as needed.

24×7 Global Support

Our team of engineers works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and is prepared to serve global customers with support in Portuguese, English and Spanish.