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Accelerate your transformation and gain agility with our offerings focused on DevOps.

When your company has the ability to change its infrastructure quickly and assertively, based on metrics customized to your needs, replicate data in an automated way, and perform deployment of new features at any time, without unavailability and with low cost, you enable your business to offer software and applications more efficiently and with higher quality. DevOps seeks to maximize the results of your business, improve the speed of delivery and quality of your applications, minimize operating costs and align your processes with technology.


Software delivery is not a simple process of delivering code for production. There is a complete series of software delivery cycles in various environments that they need to go through. Kumulus has a mature service structure focused on DevOps, which incorporates configuration management, code-based infrastructure automation, automated deployment of applications and services, in addition to ensuring constant monitoring and analysis work to build a cloud environment that can adapt efficiently to the speed of your business.


Using concepts based on agile methodology, our DevOps practices encourage speed and flexibility so that the development of new features occurs in order to respond to the needs of your end customer. This ability to change quickly increases the number of product launches and updates. Thus, new releases and updates happen at a much faster pace, ensuring what we call continuous delivery.


DevOps involves the right balance of people, processes and tools. Problems will always arise between these components. With that in mind, problem solving is critical to an agile and healthy process. In this regard, we created a process for treating bugs and correcting problems as part of automation, taking into account factors such as visibility of errors and accurate diagnoses for action, which includes the quantification and reliability of the data analyzed. From that point on, we act with self healing processes or automatically engage the right people for the resolution.


Automation is one of the main pillars of DevOps. Process automation throughout the software development chain ensures the effective use of resources and deliveries. In addition, automation services help companies improve the productivity of their developers, minimize manual labor, reduce chances of failure and facilitate automated testing and monitoring procedures.

The basic objectives of DevOps are to establish an environment in which code, testing and software development can be done quickly, frequently and
safety, in addition to ensuring a better experience for the end customer.


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